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Full Version: Forum Rules
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AfterShock Forum Rules

Section 1 - General Rules:-

1.1 Do not spam.
1.2 Expressing extremism of any sort is not allowed under any circumstance. You are however allowed to express your religious beliefs as long as they do not undermine this rule.
1.3 Do not troll forums that are meant to be serious. This includes the Hall of Justice, Community-related information or Serious Discussions.
1.4 Do not post malicious content or suspicious software anywhere.
1.5 Speak English in all forums. If you wish to speak another language do so via a private message.
1.6 Follow the rules specific to a certain forum.
1.7 Do not evidently advertise other games, products or communities etc.
1.8 Impersonating other members or staff here at AfterShock is NOT allowed under any circumstances.

Section 2 - Image, Signature and Profile Picture Rules:-

2.1 Do not post pornographic or other offensive material.
2.2 Do not post huge images. Large signatures will be removed with a friendly message from the team.
2.3 Graphic content is not allowed unless approval has been given.
2.4 Do not post offensive/hate speech material in any forum.
2.5 Do not post others' content and claim it as your own. Approval from said party is required if they allow you to post it as your own.
2.6 Medium to High-resolution images should be posted as links to help decrease load time.
2.7 Any third party messages need the permission of the other individual involved before being posted.
2.8 Animated images are allowed as long as the animation is within a 2-3 second time frame.

Section 3 - Social Interactions:-

3.1 Do not threaten other users for any reason.
3.2 Be respectful towards other users and staff alike.
3.3 If you are jokingly mocking or being disrespectful to towards other users, make it known or note that it is a joke and not to be taken seriously.
3.4 Discriminating against other users for any reason is not allowed. We accept all from any background, heritage or religion.
3.5 If you need to report someone, simply do it, there is no need to threaten them with it.

Section 4 - Posting Rules:-

4.1 You have the right to post your views and opinions regarding the community. Do not, however, post pointless ranting if its intent is not to help improve the community.
4.2 Respect other members and staff when posting.
4.3 Do not flame or provoke flaming.
4.4 Do not post hostile or aggressive material towards Aftershock or another community.
4.5 Respect copyright laws. Do not ask for links to torrents, warez or any other related things.
4.6 Titles of forums should be relevant and accurate to the material displayed in the content.
4.7 Do not post moving text.
4.8 Do not post with the purpose of increasing your post count. This is also referred to as Shit Posting.
4.9 Do not make duplicate posts. Search for the relevant information before posting a new thread.

Section 5 - Hall Of Justice:-

5.1 You are only allowed to post in a thread if you are either the accused player, reporting player, staff member or if you are with important relation to the case opened (Determined by staff members).
5.2 When posting in a thread you must state your involvement with the case and why you're involved on top of the post in bold. Failing to do so may result in a forum warning for not being involved.
5.3 If a report is declined by a member of staff for whatever reason you may not post another report on said individual without new evidence to back up your claim.

Section 6 - Change/Rights:-

6.1 These rules are subject to change at any point in time. It is YOUR job to keep up to date with these rules to stop further conflict. Failing to keep yourself up to date with these rules end up in a forum warning or at worst case a ban.
6.2 AfterShock staff reserve the right to strip you of posting privileges or any other luxuries such as a signature,profile picture etc. if you are found to violating these rules.